Talkin' Tax: Serious Tax Talk With A Louisiana Twist

Cary & Angie Bryson


Episode 11

Published on:

18th May, 2022

Episode 10

Published on:

18th Apr, 2022

Episode 9

Published on:

17th Mar, 2022

Episode 8

Published on:

14th Feb, 2022

Episode 7

Published on:

27th Oct, 2021

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About the Podcast

Talkin' Tax
Serious tax talk with a Louisiana twist
Cary and Angela Bryson are lifelong residents of Louisiana. Their roots give them deep insight into the needs of our fellow “Loosianans.”

With over 38 years of combined legal experience, you can rest assured that they know Louisiana tax laws and IRS tax laws. The Brysons are committed to representing clients from all walks of life to find the best solution to their tax problems.

Each episode, Cary and Angie dive into tax-related subjects facing their great state and providing the guidance and solutions you need.